Chardonnay 2018


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2018 was an exceptional year across UK vineyards, seeing record yields in all regions. The spring and summer brought beautiful dry and warm weather right through the growing season resulting in grapes with superb ripeness levels, weight and intensity. The grapes destined for the still Chardonnay wine are the very last to be picked at Woodchurch vineyard, allowing the fruit to reach maximum sugar levels and develop rich flavours. The grapes are then sent to the acclaimed Litmus winery where winemaker Matthieu Elzinga uses his skill and flair to create this delicious wine.

The wine is a light gold colour with enticing aromas of citrus and stone fruits. There is a lovely complexity on the palate with an array of fresh fruit flavours, soft butter notes and a hint of almond followed by a generous and well-balanced finish.

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