A family business established in 2009, Woodchurch Estate in Kent produces exceptional English sparkling wine.

Graham and Donna

Exceptional Location

The vineyard is situated on the edge of the picturesque village of Woodchurch in Kent – the garden of England. Set on hills looking south over the ancient Romney marsh down to the English channel, our land has the perfect geography and climate to produce the highest quality grapes and the finest English sparkling wine. The vineyard shop is open on weekends from 11am until 5pm. Private tours are also available, for more information see Visit Us

Pinor Noir Harvest 2012 - Woodchurch
Leaf and grapes
Sheep in the vineyard - Woodchurch

Outstanding Quality

It is commonly recognized that southern England now provides the perfect growing conditions for grapes to produce outstanding sparkling wine. This is being demonstrated by an increasing number of international awards for wines from Kent and the southern counties. At Woodchurch these conditions combine with the perfect location and the right management to enable us to produce wine of the highest quality.

Wine from tank - Woodchurch
 Bottles stacked

Sparkling Perfection

At Woodchurch our vision is to create the world’s finest sparkling wines. Every step of the vine growing and wine making process is approached with a meticulous attention to detail. Throughout the year the vines are managed by hand and treated with great care which in turn means the fruit harvested is of the highest quality. Our wine is made in a state of the art winery by one of the UK’s leading winemakers whose philosophy of minimal intervention and diligent approach to wine-making result in superb wines.

 Woodchurch Sparkling Wine
Attention to Detail Vineyard and Winery