COVID-19 Information page

(Updated 18th September 2020)

To keep both customers and staff safe we're putting the following practices in place:

Social distancing measures

  • At busy times will have a one-way system through the shop
  • Staff will remain 2 metres away from customers wherever possible.
  • During tours of more than one group, groups will be able to maintain a 2 metre distance from other groups. 
  • Maximum group size is 6 people.
  • Outside tables will be used for tastings, and groups will be seated at separate tables positioned 2 metres apart

Manage transmission risk

  • Where possible doors will be propped open so customers will not need to use door handles
  • Toilet facilities include touch free facilities where possible, i.e, push peddle bins, automatic soap dispensers etc
  • Staff members will be required to take their temperature at the beginning of their shift
  • During tastings the server will wear a mask to minimise any transmission risk.
  • Customers who are drinking wine by the glass or tasting wine indoors will be required to leave their name and contact details and these will be retained for 21 days.

Cleaning, handwashing, and hygiene measures

  • We will ensure all surfaces in the shop are cleaned frequently.
  • We will provide hand sanitiser for visitors and encourage use on entry and exit
  • Customers will be able to take products directly off the shelf and pack them themselves, meaning in most cases staff will not need to handle products purchased.
  • Staff will routinely wash their hands every 20 minutes.
  • Staff will wash their hands before serving customers and pouring wine.

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