2013 Harvest 27, Oct 2013

With the help of friends, family, neighbours and professional pickers we brought in a total of 13 ton of grapes for our 2013 vintage. We harvested over 4 days and brought in 7 ton of Chardonnay, 5 ton of Pinot Noir, and 1 ton of Pinot Muenier.

Unlike our first harvest the weather was much kinder to us and our stress levels where much lower. However the harvest was not without drama, on the last day of harvest not only did the lorry get stuck in the mud it also got a flat tyre! Thanks to the multi-talented and flexible team from Vineworks changing a tyre and pushing a 7.5 ton lorry out of the mud (as well as picking 5 ton of Chardonnay) was not an issue!

We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the harvest, and really relished the opportunity to share it with family and friends. The grapes were very clean and the sugar and acid levels were very good at around 66 Oe and 13 TA. The juice tasted delicious and shows great potential, we’re looking forward to tasting the final wine.