Woodchurch Chardonnay Brut Wins Glass of Bubbly Trophy 02, Nov 2022

Woodchurch Chardonnay Brut - Glass of Bubbly TrophyWe are delighted to announce that the Woodchurch Chardonnay Brut has been awarded a Glass of Bubbly Champagne and Sparkling wine Trophy! 

Our Chardonnay Brut 2016 was given the highest score by the judges came top in the 'forget me not' category. Forget me not category  "A wine with a unique personality. There’s something very different about this wine making it stand out."

Tasting notes from the Glass of Bubbly Judges 2022 "Buttery with yellow plums and ripe melon in aromas. Flavours of apples, pear, citrus, honeysuckle with a hint of herbs."

Congratulations to all the trophy and medal winners.