Woodchurch Classic wins Gold at the Independent English Wine Awards (#IEWA 2023) 01, Jun 2023

Independent English Wine Awards (IEWA) 2023 - Gold medalWe couldn't be prouder to share the exciting news of our recent triumph at the Independent English Wine Awards (IEWA) 2023. Our wines have been recognized for their exceptional quality, securing the prestigious gold medal and placing us at the forefront of the flourishing English wine industry. 

The IEWA is a highly regarded competition that brings together wine experts, connoisseurs, and industry professionals from across the UK. Competing against a plethora of exceptional English and Welsh wines, Woodchurch Wine emerged victorious, securing a well-deserved gold medal. 

"Elegant, light, and highly approachable, with notes of walnut, hazelnut, cherry, and red apple. The nose is excellent - glossy and ripe with some complexity, subtle autolysis and a slightly leesy note. The clean and nicely weighted palate is balanced with refreshing fruit, and soft acidity and creamy mouthfeel. With a decent length on the finish, this is a real crowd pleaser." Tasting notes from the IEWA judges