Still Wine Release - Chardonnay 2017 13, Feb 2019

Woodchurch Chardonnay still wine

We're delighted to announce that our first still wine has been officially released!

We wanted to wait until we had the perfect conditions for our first still Chardonnay and in 2017 the grapes reached just the right levels of sweetness and acidity to make superb wines full of flavour and character. By selecting only the very best bunches from our premium blocks, we've been able to produce a wine that we are tremendously proud of.

This Chardonnay has inviting aromas of elderflower and melon - with wonderful fresh citrus flavours on the palate alongside peach and honey. It has a smooth rich finish with long lasting flavours of hazelnuts and caramel.

Only 1300 bottles have been made and they are only available direct from us - either online or at the vineyard shop. Don't miss your chance to savour this exciting example of the new English terroir!

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